Flexible Material Transport: Intralogistics 4.0
At the right place at the right time ... intelligent material flow is a must in the factory of the future. With intelligent automated guided vehicles (AGV), Melkus Mechatronic has automated material transport in their sight – whether in Euro boxes or Euro pallets.
"So that the vision of Industry 4.0 – a production that adapts to changeable requirements and thereby enables mass fabrication of individual products – can come true, the logistics within production facilities must also be included in the overall automation”, Owner and Operator of Melkus Mechatronic Andreas Melkus, is convinced. The Austrian company is specialized in intralogistic material transport – whether on Euro pallets or in Euro boxes.
The AGV fleet from Melkus Mechatronic currently comprises 4 vehicle types:
Agumos C4060: a compact, versatile platform AGV for intern production and logistics transport of small components. With measurements of only 40 x 60 x 21 cm without load carriers, the loading capacity is up to 100 kg.

Agumos Q40: an agile “transport cube” for transporting small parts and Euro boxes in a 40 x 60 cm format and payloads up to 60 kg.

Agumos G130: for transporting Euro pallets with a payload up to 1,200 kg. With its expanded lifting range up to 120 mm, the Agumos G130 enables direct transfer onto stationary conveyors.

Agumos F52: a platform for moving underneath and lifting transport racks and a payload of 1,000 kg.
All vehicles are based on a standardized mechatronic module system of control and drive units. Through the modular construction, new vehicle types or variants can be quickly implemented and the costs optimized. The result is attractive prices.